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      When Hebei Yachen Electric Co., Ltd. was founded,the common wish of its founders was to create a company that would play a leading role in China's future development and opening up to outside world. Now that wish has come true. The products of Yachen have not only ta-ken firm footing on China's market but also exported to the international market. Yachen is widely recognized as a manufacturer of high quality products.
    Yachen Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in Hejian City in 1991. It is a special-ized manufacturer of transformer accessories: transformer sleeves,butterfly valves, valve-s,ball valves,Transformer breatherrs and insulators for transformer.In order to enhance competitiveness, the company made investment and found new factory to make the production more comprehensive. As we seek for more perfect quality and continuousupgrading of techn-ology, we are committed to providing zero defect product quality and service. Your sati-sfaction is our responsibility and your opinions are our prime mover. กก
    The company manages every process of production strictly in compliance with the requirem-ent of ISO9001 quality management system for production and service, which guarantees the quality of every piece of products registered under "Yachen".The transformers,mutual indu-ctors and power capacitors, winning their unanimous high opinions. กก  Customer satisfaction is our most important guideline and should therefore give first pr-iority consideration. This concept is incorporated in every step of our activities-design,production, installation, after sales service. Only when customers are satisfied with every stepin our processess can customers and we be both winners.
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